How to make money with a beginner blog

How to make money with a beginner blog

After the blog is established, it is updated first. This is a headache for many people. You can collect dozens of blogs and read all of their sites. Then you will have ideas, and then insist on updating it every day. , But it’s important not to completely copy other people’s articles..

which franchises are the most profitable

which franchises are the most profitable

After graduation, I went to an online company for an interview. As a new born calf, I was admitted smoothly because of the experience of being a moderator in the Paipai community. When my classmates were still looking for a job, I started to commute to get off work on time. The work I do in the company is still in charge of the forums, and let me manage the forums of the company website by myself. Through my efforts, I gradually built the moderator management team, writing team, and sailor team. Due to work, I had to leave the Paipai community. I really miss it.

But making money is not as easy as it seems. Micro-landscapes have very high requirements for appearance, so each landscape production requires a lot of time, energy, manpower, and material resources.

No matter what trade you do, you first need a trading account. For foreign trade, it is necessary to have an account that can conduct foreign currency transactions in order to operate the flow of funds. For domestic individual sellers, the best way is to register a company in Hong Kong and open a US dollar account.

"Recently Double Eleven is approaching, and is also taking the opportunity to engage in marketing. In addition to the traditional discount of goods, this time has also continued to launch financial promotion activities, which can be regarded as a small benefit for our friends who engage in online earning. Yes. It took about 20 minutes last night and withdrew nearly 8 yuan. Here is also the activity to share with everyone.

10. The market has great potential for development. This business is similar to computer repair, but you have to understand all electrical appliances, not just computers. In terms of repairing small household appliances, you'd better be able to fool your customers into taking the initiative to come to your door, because you have to come to pick it up, and then send it back after you have repaired it. The round trip fare will be enough for you to lose money. You have to be able to fool your customers into giving you unwanted appliances, even if it is a bad appliance, there are always a few components available.

In fact, the most effective and direct way to earn coins on Qutoutiao is to invite friends to use the Qutoutiao app, which is to accept apprentices. If your apprentice reads an article, you can get a reward of 20 gold coins, which is twice the reward for reading articles yourself. , So the more apprentices, the faster your gold coins increase.

Today’s Toutiao is another veteran self-media platform after the WeChat public account. It also has a large amount of traffic and has many monetization methods. The biggest advantage is the personalized intelligent recommendation algorithm, which is the best among all the self-media platforms. .

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